When SUBLIME is mentioned, many positive things come to mind and we focus on the following: extraordinary music, reefers and community.  REEFERS BY SUBLIME was born in the same way that the Band’s music was created.  Following in the grassroots commitment to art and creativity, REEFERS BY SUBLIME strives to represent the bands positivity through apparel and accessories. Cultivated in California, Sublime music, drinks, cannabis and merchandise is a recognized lifestyle that we want to celebrate with you.

Sublime at the Beach


"We're just trying to write a good song." – Bradley Nowell, KROQ 1995

They did exactly that exuding a timeless cool that still transcends genre. But they accomplished even more: In less than a decade within the national limelight, the Long Beach trio spawned an entire movement—fusing reggae grooves, punk aggression, ska energy, back porch folk introspection, and hip-hop swagger.

Sublime found their niche at house parties: uniting Rastas, surfers, skaters, frat boys, and ink-covered outcasts with a free-flowing melting pot approach that, much like the region itself, was impossible to pigeonhole.

They've sold over 18 million albums to date; and their merchandise, emblazoned with the iconic sun logo, dominates sales at retailers.

Learn more and/or purchase music here; sublimelbc.com

Sublime Smoke Two Joints